Am I Enough?

We are Martin and Michal, two ambitious guys in their 30s living off their loved ones. One supported by his girlfriend, the other one by his family. Both girlfriends feel ashamed when they explain to their friends what we do.

We avoid meeting new people. The “And what do you do?” question immediately disqualifies us before we even stammer out the answer. We found it impossible to get used to embarrassing smiles and awkward silence.

Mother doesn’t ask anymore.

When once every 6 months I am trying to convince my friends, that “well, I don’t pursue [the 3 months old boring business idea] anymore, but we have launched [new exciting supersmart golden business idea] with Michal and it looks promising…” the casual exchange of news degenerates into desperate defense of the right for existence.

They already have careers, own housing and families. We have only debts, and we are starting from the bottom for the seventh year in a row.

Hope that we will be somewhere else next year.


The need to search for another self-help book.


Our need to work together.


The final blow to our partnership was dealt by Michal’s hospitalization with heart attack suspicion.

There were three months without any communication between us. Then one day while listening to a podcast, I was struck by a powerful question. I knew I had to share it with Michal.

“What one thing could you do (you aren’t doing now) that if you did on a regular basis, would make a tremendous positive difference on your personal life?”

For the first time, we didn’t elaborate a fancy plan. Each of us took only one problem that has been dragging us down for years. And to make sure we can’t escape from solving the problem, we started to track our day-to-day progress with Google spreadsheet.

These are our results of 2018:


  • Since July 18th he lost 10 kg (22 pounds) of weight.
  • Since February 14th every morning after waking up, I take a cold shower, and I haven’t been sick since then. Now in the autumn I wear just a t-shirt wherever I go (no matter how cold it is out there). Still haven’t been sick.
  • Since March 16th I invested hundreds of hours (lots of days 6 hours a day) to learn how to draw with deliberate practice.
  • Since July 14th I wake up at 6am and from September 28th at 5am, every single day, even on weekends.
  • Since October 8th I don’t use the internet or digital technology for procrastination, only for productivity and solving problems. Now I have more time for work and for quality time with my family and friends.


  • Since January 6th, I walk 5-10 km (3-6 miles) every day. I’m able to do heavy work on our garden again. Since September 9th I started to practice Ashtanga yoga 5 times a week for 60 minutes a day.
  • Since February 26th I design one t-shirt a day. Now, more than 300 designs generate me $1,000 a month.
  • Since March 28th, I take the coldest shower possible for two minutes as the first thing after waking up. I feel like a terminator. Suddenly I’m not sick when someone just sneezes around me.
  • Since June 14th I wake up at 6am every day, even on weekends. And since October 4th at 5am. It adds me 3 productive hours a day.
  • Since October 4th I don’t use the internet or any other digital technology for procrastination and escape. It tripled my productivity to 7 hours.
  • Since July 21st, after ten years, I overcame my fear of driving. Now I drive to the yoga lectures twice a week.
  • Last eight years I was becoming the forever alone meme. On July 13th Martin challenged me to ask three random girls I never met out. Face-to-face obviously. Tinder or anything digital would count as cheating. On October 19th I overcame my biggest fear of rejection and I asked a girl I met in my yoga class out. There was no need to ask another one because we have been dating since then.

After publishing these results on Reddit people from around the world are joining our discipline group.

Finally, we have a feeling that we created something of value.

Martin (@martincharvat) & Michal (@michalsobel)
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