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✅ Since January 6th, I walk 5-10 km (3-6 miles) every day. I’m able to do heavy work on our garden again. Since September 9th I started to practice Ashtanga yoga 5 times a week for 60 minutes a day.

✅ Since February 26th I design one t-shirt a day. Now, more than 300 designs generate me $1,000 a month.

✅ Since March 28th, I take the coldest shower possible for two minutes as the first thing after waking up. I feel like a terminator. Suddenly I’m not sick when someone just sneezes around me.

✅ Since June 14th I wake up at 6am every day, even on weekends. And since October 4th at 5am. It adds me 3 productive hours a day.

✅ Since October 4th I don’t use the internet or any other digital technology for procrastination and escape. It tripled my productivity to 7 hours.

✅ Since July 21st, after ten years, I overcame my fear of driving. Now I drive to the yoga lectures twice a week.

✅ Last eight years I was becoming the forever alone meme. On July 13th Martin challenged me to ask three random girls I never met out. Face-to-face obviously. Tinder or anything digital would count as cheating. On October 19th I overcame my biggest fear of rejection and I asked a girl I met in my yoga class out. There was no need to ask another one because we have been dating since then.

Reasons for Entering Forge

  1. Suspicion of a heart attack at 28 (September 2017).
  2. No girlfriend for years.
  3. Stuck in life when others are progressing, depression and zero energy.
  4. Fifteen years behind a desk and physical condition when unable to run more than 500 meters (even though my weight was about 65 kg for 183 cm height).
  5. $50k in debts. No stable income. Surviving from month to month.
  6. Hours of mindless browsing on internet and watching tv shows.
  7. Empty promises and lost credibility.

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