Martin Charvát

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In progress.


✅ Since July 18th he lost 10 kg (22 pounds) of weight.

✅ Since February 14th every morning after waking up, I take a cold shower, and I haven’t been sick since then. Now in the autumn I wear just a t-shirt wherever I go (no matter how cold it is out there). Still haven’t been sick.

✅ Since March 16th I invested hundreds of hours (lots of days 6 hours a day) to learn how to draw with deliberate practice.

✅ Since July 14th I wake up at 6am and from September 28th at 5am, every single day, even on weekends.

✅ Since October 8th I don’t use the internet or digital technology for procrastination, only for productivity and solving problems. Now I have more time for work and for quality time with my family and friends.

Reasons for Entering Forge

  1. Weight 125 kg (overweight by 40 kg).
  2. $0 income for years.
  3. Zero discipline, full blown procrastination and zero progress in life last five years. ∙ Twitter ∙ Instagram ∙ Facebook
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