Pulling the trigger

Everyone at Forge has tried getting ideas and businesses off the ground many times. Some successful, and some… not so much. There are a few key things that we have figured out over the years that we think have led to success. Here they are:

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    Pull the trigger

    This one is the scariest, but arguably the most important of all because it's where success starts. Not everything you do will be successful. Whether you want to set up an eCommerce store, develop an app, launch a Kickstarter campaign, or start a creative agency, you can never be successful if you don't get the ball rolling. Take some chances. If you believe in the idea, then chances are you'll see something in return. It may be in the from of financial gain, or maybe a valuable lesson. Either way, pull the bloody trigger already.

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    Don't do it all alone

    Chances are, you know people with similar interests to you... they're called friends. Getting into business with friends can end up badly, but it can also work out fantastically for everyone. In my experience, having a few people who believe in your idea as much as you do will exponentially increase your chances of success. You can feed off of each others energy, play off each others strengths, and, in some cases, cry on each others shoulders. Nonetheless, having a team to rally with will play a huge role in your success.

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    Spin only a few plates

    Like many people, I have entrepreneurial ADHD. I have so many ideas at any given that could all be killer success stories (in my optimistic opinion at least) and I try to make them all happen. Yes, you want to work on a few things at a time, especially if they are complimentary endeavors; however, too many at once will leave you strung-out and over-worked. Don't do it. Figure out what your keystone business idea is and make it happen. Once you have that up and running, then you're ready to take on a few things at a time to grow your empire.

These are just a few insights I have to share. I want to keep these articles relatively short, so hopefully this was useful information. Stay tuned for more of my ramblings as time goes on.

About the Author


Co-founder of Forge Creative, LLC. Sean is a designer with experience in a variety of industries. He's worked for companies both large and small and started his own company at the age of 18. A strong familiarity of the ups and downs of being a freelance designer, combined with the unique experience of big corporate politics, has shaped him into the entrepreneur he is today.

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Forge is a small team of designers and marketers with many years of experience and a variety of connections in all kinds of industries. We love designing anything you can imagine and our goal is to help businesses and individuals grow their brands. With that said, we also have our own ideas and plan on making them come to life through Forge.

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