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If you want to join us, there are a few things you need to know.

We let in only those who show the commitment. The reason why is that we have bad experiences with people who get easily excited about transforming their lives but then don’t make it their priority. We don’t want to guide someone who isn’t deeply determined to put the hard work because it takes us energy which could be better spent on people who really want to sort themselves out. 

We don’t have an easy solution. We have a hard one which works for those who work for it. The good news is that it is proven by our members.

If you feel you need to change yourself otherwise you or your relatives will suffer by your decay, you have the right mindset to apply. 

Money not required.

BUT you will pay with effort.

From the Inside of the Forge

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What changed for me the most was slowly becoming used to waking up early. Prior to joining, I would wake up 30minutes before work (7:30am) and would be in a constant state of panic. Rushing to get to work, working until 5pm and then being too burnt out to do anything after. On the weekends I would find myself sleeping in until 10, sometimes noon if I was out too late! I felt like I was drifting through life.  I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do. 

Upon joining, I learned to create important habits to help me get to the life I wanted to live. I started waking up earlier and earlier to the point where I am usually up and ready to go at 5am. This has caused me to have more time to go to the gym as well as getting a chance to find time to write when I have the most energy. I no longer have the excuse of being too drained after work to not draw or write. 

I am truly thankful I happened across the 6am club group. It may have been one of the toughest things I have done but I feel like I have a direction and goals for the first time in my life.

Teddy ∙ Recruiter for a large tech company ∙ USA
⏱️ 5 weeks in Forge

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